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 Gremlins remake update!

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Gremlins remake update! Empty
PostSubject: Gremlins remake update!   Gremlins remake update! EmptyThu Apr 09, 2015 12:16 pm


Quote :

Seems that “Gremlins” remake is still very much on the cards – but it’s only just landed a writer so there’s still time for Joe Dante to stage an all-out protest that results in Warner Bros caving in and shutting the movie down.

According to Deadline, Carl Ellsworth (“Disturbia”) has been hired to write the script for the new movie. The writer was also responsible for a couple of other remakes, “Last House on the Left” and “Red Dawn” (some might even say “Disturbia” itself is a remake, since it played so much like Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”), so seems he’s one of those ‘capable for redoing things’ guys that are available at a moment’s notice to get going on something before rights revert (in this case, the rights to “Gremlins” revert to Judge Reinhold, I believe. Yes, pretty sure of that. Yep, Judge.)

Chris Columbus, writer of the original “Gremlins”, was considering directing this new take himself but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore; it’s possible he refuted something Warner Bros were doing to his cute Gizmo or he didn’t appreciate their insistence to turn the title monsters into 300 pound Transformer-types with claws. There were suggestions that the new movie would be as much a sequel – with nods to the original, and cameo appearances from some of the main cast from the first two flicks – but that was likely something Columbus asked for when he was involved. Still, Columbus is still down as a producer on the ‘remake’, as is Steven Spielberg, who EP’ed the 1984 original.

Corey Feldman cameo is a must, right?
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Gremlins remake update!

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