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 Glen Drover Outlines Solo Plans

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Glen Drover Outlines Solo Plans Empty
PostSubject: Glen Drover Outlines Solo Plans   Glen Drover Outlines Solo Plans EmptySun May 31, 2015 8:00 am

Guitarist will continue working with guest vocalists including Testament’s Chuck Billy and Sanctuary’s Warrel Dane
Former Megadeth and King Diamond guitarist Glen Drover has outlined his plans for a new album.

He’s been working on several collaborations with guest vocalists and released a lyric video for the track Discordia last year with Queensryche frontman Todd La Torre.

And he says once he’s recorded enough tracks, he’ll release the collection as an album – and reveals Testament’s Chuck Billy and Sanctuary’s Warrel Dane are on board.

He tells MetalHead Radio: “Every few months I release a single that features a different singer. The first was with Todd and I did one with a new band Untimely Demise that aren’t really well known, but I really dug the singer Matt Cuthbertson. It's called Walls Of Blood.

“The third single is with Henning Basse from Metalium. There’s one song that’s being worked on that Chuck Billy has. I talked to Warrel Dane and I’m gonna get him to do one.”

He continues: “I have a few other guys in mind, which I won't mention, because I haven't approached them but these are the guys I have worked with or am working with.”

Drover says once he has “eight to 10 songs” he’ll release an album package under the Metalusion banner, adding: “In the meantime, they'll be individually released for digital download.”

Earlier this year Drover reported that he felt like a robot during his stint with Megadeth and blamed “puppeteering” for the departure of his brother Shawn and guitarist Chris Broderick who quit Dave Mustaine’s outfit in November.
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Glen Drover Outlines Solo Plans

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