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 Here's What's Addressed in Destiny's Hotfix

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Here's What's Addressed in Destiny's Hotfix Empty
PostSubject: Here's What's Addressed in Destiny's Hotfix   Here's What's Addressed in Destiny's Hotfix EmptyMon Sep 28, 2015 1:27 pm

Bungie has dropped a hotfix to address the latest Three of Coins Exotic Engram exploit.

Update seeks to "address and tackle some of the immediate issues that are impacting the player experience", which includes nerfing your odds of getting an Exotic Engram if you're "rapidly killing Ultras" after consuming a Three of Coins.

It also addresses a selection of other issues, including a problem with Gold Chest completions in the Moments of Triumph challenge, improving the Uncommon and Rare gear drop rate in Year One strikes, and fixes a problem with the High Value Targets quest, where completion did not always reward you with Legendary Marks.

The fix also decreases the chance of getting two exotic shards for dismantling levelled-up Exotics, and moves some Dreadnaught loot chests to a location that only allows them to be looted once per spawn.

Destiny sales hit 6.3 million units, amounting to US$47.5 million, within a month of its September 9 release last year, according to documents pertaining to the lawsuit between developer Bungie and former long-time employee Marty O’Donnell.

We also recently learned that Destiny was originally intended to launch in 2013, with a sequel initially planned for September 2015.
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Here's What's Addressed in Destiny's Hotfix

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