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 Sceptile Revealed for Pokken Tournament

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Sceptile Revealed for Pokken Tournament Empty
PostSubject: Sceptile Revealed for Pokken Tournament   Sceptile Revealed for Pokken Tournament EmptyThu Dec 10, 2015 1:23 pm

Sceptile is the latest Pokemon coming to Pokken Tournament.

The newest video on the Bandai Namco YouTube page shows the grass type Pokemon doing battle with the likes of Pikachu, Suicune, Weavile, and towards the end, sees Sceptile using a Farfetch’d to beat down a Blaziken.

And who said grass was weak to fire?

We first heard about a new character reveal last week. Before that, we learned a little about Shadow Mewtwo; the big bad of Pokken.

Interestingly, anyone who picks up a copy of Pokken at launch will receive a Shadow Mewtwo amiibo, which lets users unlock the boss from the get-go.

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Sceptile Revealed for Pokken Tournament

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