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 Poopy Reviews: Fallout 4 (Xbox One)

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Poopy Reviews: Fallout 4 (Xbox One) Empty
PostSubject: Poopy Reviews: Fallout 4 (Xbox One)   Poopy Reviews: Fallout 4 (Xbox One) EmptyThu Apr 28, 2016 12:31 am

Fallout 4
Xbox One

Poopy Reviews: Fallout 4 (Xbox One) Fallout-4-far-harbor-dlc-size-oblivion-energy-weapon-700x389

So this review is going to be really poopy. I have not experienced the entire game yet but damn it I have over three days of just gameplay into the game.

It's a Fallout game. We get all the ghouls and battle with super mutants.

So what's different? Well we get to build settlements. It's kinda fun. I use to have a blast making courses on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. But then you got to maintain these places. At first it's not so bad. You have to build up some defenses. You have to make some beds. The people have to have a water souse. And sometimes settlements get attacked and you might have to rebuild some things.

It's just such a chore to find resources. And I get that realistically it should be that way in a post apocalyptic wasteland. But this is a video game where you just need to click a button to have the game shoot at enemies for you. It seriously gets boring after awhile. I just say fuck it and explore.

Some of the enemies are overpowered but seriously without a level limit it helps keep the game somewhat challenging.

The dialog options have gone to shit since the last Fallout game. Really it seems like a lot of the time you'll end up in the same place at the end of the converstion no matter what dialog option you choose.

Fallout 4 is a good game. It's not the classic like 3 or New Vegas was but it's still Fallout. The story is good and there some good surprises.

I give this game a 8/10.

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Poopy Reviews: Fallout 4 (Xbox One)

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