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 Poopy Reviews: SLAMMED! (Steam)

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PostSubject: Poopy Reviews: SLAMMED! (Steam)   Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:17 pm


I found this game when I was looking up what wrestling games were on Steam.

SLAMMED! is a text-based pro wrestling game. You make your own name and decide what kind of wrestler you're going to be and if you're going to be a babyface or heel.

I liked the story but it was off putting to me that the biggest wrestling promotion in the game was having these weird half worked half shoot matches.

The game is kind of replayable. I like to get the different results and paths but I do skip a lot of what I read the first time.

It's nothing special but it's cheap and not too complicated.

I give this game a 4/10.

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Poopy Reviews: SLAMMED! (Steam)

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