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 Bull's my career mode ideas for WWE 2k series

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Bull's my career mode ideas for WWE 2k series Empty
PostSubject: Bull's my career mode ideas for WWE 2k series   Bull's my career mode ideas for WWE 2k series EmptySat Jun 25, 2016 12:28 am

These are just some ideas that popped in my head while thinking about the future of my career mode in the WWE 2k series.

Starting MyCareer mode:

Instead of starting off right at the performance center and NXT, you will actually start off in a made up Indy company for the game. We will call it TRW. Has its own custom arena, custom championships which you can unlock and have for Universe mode. Anyways You are TRW's top guy, you are the bread and butter of TRW. You are both their world champion and half of their tag team champions. Your partner you can either use a generic looking CAW 2k makes or you can actually change his look. You can ask your friend to upload his CAW to CC and you can download it and use your friends CAW in your Career mode as your Friend/Rival. He is also the TRW North American Champion. First thing it opens up to is you and your partner cutting a promo. There will be some lines to pick from and Depending what you pick to say, will depend what you start off as heel or face.

After the promo, the owner of TRW. Lets say some WWE Legend just so happens to own TRW (like Sgt. Slaughter or Mick Foley) and he said he got a phone call from WWE, that they have sent a scout out to tonight's TRW show to scout some talent to sign to NXT. That they have had their eye on you the most.
So it takes you making your entrance for your first match, which is you defending your TRW World title. While you make your way into the ring, you start looking in the crowd, seeing if you can spot the scout. It turns the person scouting you is none other than Triple H.
Your first match is against some generic looking CAW guy 2k made. Your goal is just to defend your TRW championship. Once you win the match, you look over to see Triple H looks impressed.
Following show you are now defending your tag team titles with your partner against two more generic looking CAW guys. Once again Triple H is there scouting you, seeing how you work as a tag team guy. Once you win the match. It cuts to backstage where the Owner tells you that Triple H wants to have a meeting with you next week before the show. Your partner is really excited for you, telling you earned it and stuff.

Next week while you are heading to the meeting, your partner runs up to you and ask if you put in a good word for him. You say you will and he walks off. So you have a meeting with Triple H, he tells you how impressive you look, how you could be a future star for WWE. ect ect. At the end of the meeting Triple H ask you. "Have any questions?" You can either respond with "I'm Good." or "I think you should look at my partner too."

Those two choices will affect how you will start off in NXT.

Because if you pick "I'm Good." Once you leave the meeting your partner will ask if you put in a good word for him. You tell him you forgot to and he looks really disappointed. That night you and your partner are defending your tag team titles one last time. Before the match is over, your partner turns on you, makes you lose the titles and starts to beat the crap out of you, before leaving you in the ring a bloody mess. Later that night you get a phone call from Triple H and he said he was impressed with your ex-partner's attitude that they have signed him as well to WWE. So you start off in NXT solo and your ex-partner is your Rival.

If you pick " Look at my partner." Triple H will tell you he will think about it. When you leave the meeting and your partner ask if you put in a good word and he said triple H will think about it, makes your partner a little happy. That night you and your partner defend your tag team titles, he doesn't turn on you and you both remain friends. Later that night you get a phone call from Triple H, and he said that he was impressed with your partner performance, that WWE wants to sign him too and wants to bring you two in a as a tag team. So you start off as a tag team and your partner is your partner in NXT.

Once you do all that you unlock: TRW Arena, TRW World Championship, TRW North American Championship, TRW Tag Team Championship, TRW Women's Championship, 5 generic looking male wrestlers, 2 generic looking women wrestlers that you can use in universe mode.

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Bull's my career mode ideas for WWE 2k series

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