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 My Xbox 360 doesn't play DVDs anymore

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My Xbox 360 doesn't play DVDs anymore Empty
PostSubject: My Xbox 360 doesn't play DVDs anymore   My Xbox 360 doesn't play DVDs anymore EmptyMon Oct 16, 2017 7:30 pm

I got annoyed that my Xbox One wasn't playing my DVDs. I don't know why. I was just watching an anime with my friends and I took out one disc and popped in another to continue the show but it decided not to play it.

I decide to pop the disc in my 360 instead. It tried to play it but all I got a noise that I would hear from the DVD. It was distorted nightmare version though of what I would hear. And the only video was the Xbox 360 logo blinking. My room became like a scene I'd see in a horror film. I thought maybe it was just a disc so I opened a brand new movie and stuck it in. The case was still wrapped in plastic. I had to take the security sticker off. Same thing.

That was last night. Today I wanted to check if it would play games. I was sure it wasn't going to but I needed to check. So I popped a game in and it worked! I don't know what's going on with my Xbox 360. I'm relived that I can still play games on the console. I'm worried though that might not be the case much longer. The only games I really feel like I need to beat on that system is the first two Dragon Age games. Maybe after that I could sell it off and let someone enjoy before it dies. That would be the first time I sold one of my consoles.

My Xbox 360 doesn't play DVDs anymore Sig
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My Xbox 360 doesn't play DVDs anymore

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