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 Poopy Reviews: Space Armada (Intellivision)

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Poopy Reviews: Space Armada (Intellivision) Empty
PostSubject: Poopy Reviews: Space Armada (Intellivision)   Poopy Reviews: Space Armada (Intellivision) EmptyFri Feb 21, 2014 2:26 am

Space Armada

Poopy Reviews: Space Armada (Intellivision) 47014-space-armada-intellivision-screenshot-the-saucer-flying-by

Back when console gaming was taking off you'd see clones of popular arcade games. Well Space Armada is a clone of Space Invaders. While the game certainly looks great you'll soon find out it's not nearly as fun as Space Invaders. Your shots are off and the aliens quickly make it to the bottom of the screen. This is because the alien ships aren't far from the end of the screen to begin with!

The Intellivision controller just makes things worse. That damn thing wasn't made for shooter. You'll find that out quick!

I guess to avoid being sued Mattel had to take a the fun out of Space Invaders so that Space Armada wouldn't be a complete rip off.

There's some fun to be had but not very much. Soon enough you'll find yourself rage quitting. I wouldn't recommend that you go out of your way to find this game. It's junk.

I give this a 2/10.

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Poopy Reviews: Space Armada (Intellivision)

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