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 Poopy Reviews: X-Change (PC)

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PostSubject: Poopy Reviews: X-Change (PC)   Poopy Reviews: X-Change (PC) EmptyMon Mar 17, 2014 11:51 pm

Microsoft Windows

Poopy Reviews: X-Change (PC) 58450-x-change-windows-screenshot-your-best-friend-is-shocked-that

X-Change has been referred as a visual novel rather then a game. You get to make choices that affect the ending like Fallout or Mass Effect.

So you're a collage school boy the turns into a female. You get to pick what your dialog is going to be and what you do in the game. This will affect what endings you get and if you remain a woman or turn back into a man.

Also, I think you may need to know this, what we have here is a porn game... or visual novel porn thing. Whatever. So your enjoyment really depends on what you're into. I was honestly really bothered by on part of the game where you're raped on a bus. Well if you're into the type of stuff I guess you got something to look forward to.

This game has humor and I guess it is what it is. I enjoyed some parts of this game.

I give this game a 4/10.

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Poopy Reviews: X-Change (PC)

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